It's been awhile! Things have been busy! And will continue to get busier!

My bridal shower in on Sunday at my house in Pennsylvania! I'm so excited!!

We've had friends mailing us gifts since the shower is in PA and we live in Florida. All of my gifts I put on my health blog because most of them are kitchen items! Our kitchen now has a new blender, slow cooker, spice rack and bread maker! Sooo exciting! It's like Christmas every day!

I'm also packing up to go to a friend's wedding next weekend! I'll share the bridesmaid dress a little later but I'm very excited to go and be a part of their big day!

We're also meeting with the photographer, priest, music, reception site,florist having a dress fitting, and picking out tuxes...all in a week. Be impressed with my wedding planning craziness. I'll be sure to give you more updates then because we really haven't done anything recently in anticipation for our week of wedding planning craziness.

I saw this picture and loved it! Not sure it's right for our venue, but definitely would fit great with our decor ideas!