Inspiration Boards 2

It has been oh-so-pretty in Northwest Florida the past few days! We've had sunshine, low humidity (who knew that happened in Florida!) and the coolest it's been since I've moved down here! The part I enjoy the most about Florida is that we live close to the Bay and the Gulf so when the wind blows, it's salty fresh air! That's a big change from Pennsylvania. Everywhere you go, you get a fresh breathe of the saltwater. Sooo nice!

Luckily I got to enjoy one last long walk with the dog because today it's back to normal Florida weather, humid and rainy! I knew it wouldn't last long, but glad we had a few days to enjoy the weather!

For today I thought I'd share with you about some other friends weddings. My friend saw my first inspiration board and was having trouble deciding on colors and things to add to her wedding this April so I told her I'd make her an inspiration board or 2 so she could get an idea about some different looks. Here are the 2 I made for her:

Blue Green Bliss
Credits: Charlotte Geary Photography (2), Jessamyn Harris, Teresa Lunt, Stephanie Williams

Credits: Gina Carter Photography, Lynn Michelle Photography, Imaginative Studios, Corbin Gurkin Photography

She was leaning with Navy Blue and/or Green so I added some different touches so she could see what she liked together.

I've also decided I LOVE wedding planning. My new dream job is to be an event planner...so let me know if you need some help and you can have free event planning services...until I become rich and famous someday ;) haha I can dream right?



Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend!

Other than training at Batch and Body Works for some holiday work hours, Tom and I had a very exciting weekend of doing nothing at all and just spending time together, which was nice. It was such a gorgeous weekend so we walked a lot with the dog, roasted marshmallows, and caught up on rest since we were so busy the weeekend before.

 I've decided today I'm getting serious about bridesmaid dresses! That's right, after months of looking, I will be deciding on one by this weekend! End of story!! I know we still have like 11 months until the wedding but once that is decided on, that's one less thing I need to worry about. The girls can order their dresses, get them in and take their time getting them altered. I also have my neice being a junior bridesmaid so once we pick the bridesmaid dresses it'll be easier to see if she would like the same dress or something a little different. Since she is only in middle school, it kind of depends on how "grown up" of a dress we pick, she might need something a little more age appropriate so decisions need to be made! It's been tricky with so many different opinions on the dress but hopefully Kim and I can go look at dresses this weekend and scratch one thing off of my very long to-do list!


Inspiration Board

For those of you who have talked to me lately about anything to do with the wedding...you know I've become obsessed (to say the least) with Style Me Pretty. It has some of the most perfect wedding pictures I've ever seen and is really just a gorgeous wedding blog. There are so many ideas and crafts and tips, it's been such a great resource lately. They have this great feature on the site that lets you take either your own pictures or pictures from the blog and make an inspiration board out of it. It's a great way to really take all your ideas of different looks, maybe different colors and designs and put them all together and see how it might work out.

In this case, I'm using my inspiration board so you can see my ideas for our wedding that we've been working on. Fall In Love
Credits: Jimmy Clemmons Photography, Geoff White Photographers, Megelaine Images (2), Ann Taylor

It's a little rustic and country, but still lots of Pennsylvania Autumn charm that I'm looking for! The cake picture is what really started it all. I loved the cake that I found on The Knot and started from there pulling ideas together and seeing how they worked.

You can head over to The Style Circle on the amazing Style Me Pretty website to make your own inspiration board!


Finally Fall

We're less than a year from the big date and it is FINALLY feeling like fall in bright sunny Florida!

We've been busy planning and working, Tom is working on grad school classes, life is just one adventure after another!

But we haven't been too busy to have some fun too. My mom came for a visit a few weeks ago. We went out to eat, hung out on the beach and looked at bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses in Fort Walton Beach. We didn't really find anything but it did motivate me to start getting serious about figuring out transportation plans for the bridal party and the rest of our guests to and from the reception site as well as picking out some invitations! Slowly but surely we're getting things done!

This past weekend was the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival! I guess it started out as a picnic in the booming metropolis of Niceville, FL where a bunch of local fisherman would cook some of their fresh mullet and enjoy the lovely fall weather in Florida (aka summer weather in most Northern states). We did sample some of the local mullet. I also decided I am not a mullet fan at all. It's a purpley fish and it's VERY fishy!
We also had fun riding rides, playing games, eating a wide variety of other fried foods...pickles, twinkies, oreos, alligator, funnel cake...soo good! And when the weekend was over, we decided to buy a candle to take away something other than 20lbs from our weekend of the mullet fest. :) We also saw Chuck Wicks and Billy Ray Cyrus! We went on Saturday night with full intentions of seeing Blake Shelton. After seeing the awesome Doctor Zarr's Amazing Funk Monthers, for the second night in a row mind you, we were freezing! No joke, it was 43 degrees when we got to our car around 10:30pm. The concert didnt' get started til after 10 and the entire mullet festival area was PACKED. We were cold and tired so we opted to skip Blake Shelton...mostly because I've seen him before and Tom doesn't exactly LOVE country music haha and head back to the car to warm up and get rested for Billy Ray on Sunday.

Overall it was a great weekend and we had so much fun! We can't wait to go back next year! It will be our last fall in Florida more than likely. We'll be moving the next summer to our next base so we have 1 last year to live it up!