Finally Fall

We're less than a year from the big date and it is FINALLY feeling like fall in bright sunny Florida!

We've been busy planning and working, Tom is working on grad school classes, life is just one adventure after another!

But we haven't been too busy to have some fun too. My mom came for a visit a few weeks ago. We went out to eat, hung out on the beach and looked at bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses in Fort Walton Beach. We didn't really find anything but it did motivate me to start getting serious about figuring out transportation plans for the bridal party and the rest of our guests to and from the reception site as well as picking out some invitations! Slowly but surely we're getting things done!

This past weekend was the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival! I guess it started out as a picnic in the booming metropolis of Niceville, FL where a bunch of local fisherman would cook some of their fresh mullet and enjoy the lovely fall weather in Florida (aka summer weather in most Northern states). We did sample some of the local mullet. I also decided I am not a mullet fan at all. It's a purpley fish and it's VERY fishy!
We also had fun riding rides, playing games, eating a wide variety of other fried foods...pickles, twinkies, oreos, alligator, funnel cake...soo good! And when the weekend was over, we decided to buy a candle to take away something other than 20lbs from our weekend of the mullet fest. :) We also saw Chuck Wicks and Billy Ray Cyrus! We went on Saturday night with full intentions of seeing Blake Shelton. After seeing the awesome Doctor Zarr's Amazing Funk Monthers, for the second night in a row mind you, we were freezing! No joke, it was 43 degrees when we got to our car around 10:30pm. The concert didnt' get started til after 10 and the entire mullet festival area was PACKED. We were cold and tired so we opted to skip Blake Shelton...mostly because I've seen him before and Tom doesn't exactly LOVE country music haha and head back to the car to warm up and get rested for Billy Ray on Sunday.

Overall it was a great weekend and we had so much fun! We can't wait to go back next year! It will be our last fall in Florida more than likely. We'll be moving the next summer to our next base so we have 1 last year to live it up!

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