1 week...

I'm so excited that in 1 week we'll be leaving Florida and heading back to PA! I haven't been home in over 4 months! This is the longest I've ever been away from home. For Tom, it's no big deal. Before I came around he only ever went home for Christmas so visiting PA several times over the past year to see me and go visit his family and mine, it's been like no time at all for him to go home. I'm so used to just being a drive away from home so it's been a bit of a struggle being far away...kind of on my own. I know....I know...I have Tom, which is great. But I like to have my own friends and do my own thing and atleast 9-10 hours a day I'm by myself figuring things out down here. It is nice to come home to Tom though after a hard day and feeling like I have no one to talk to, but I don't have the friends and support system I had in PA down in Florida. I know that takes time, and part of me is nervous that as soon as I get adjusted to Florida we'll be off again and maybe even farther away. But I'm not worrying about that for now. I'm just very excited to have the chance to go home for a few days!

So very boring post...but hopefully more to write about tomorrow! Definitely more to write about after this weekend and next week!

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