Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! We're officially into 2010 so we're in the year of the wedding! We're getting very excited but also a little nervous. While I've spent months looking at wedding blogs and magazines, getting ideas and dream wedding ideas stuck in my head, I actually have to put everything into action now! I can't just dream and not do any work. I'm trying to crack down and really get a lot of things done in the next month or so. Every time I get something done I think of 15 other things I still have yet to do. For example, I think Tom and I have finally settled on a wedding invitation. It was a hard decision, with so many beautiful invitations out there. We had a hard time because so many invitations were almost perfect, but not quite. There was always 1 or 2 things I would want to change on every invitation to make them my idea of "perfect". I really wanted to just make them myself, but we also tried printing a few ourselves and we realized neither of us have the time or patience to deal with that. So anyway...we picked an invitation that we like, I told my mom, I was like ok good we can get these ordered and knock one thing off the list! Then my mom chimes in with her logic...well before you order invitations you have to really finalize the guest list, pick your meal choices for dinner, nail down times for the ceremony, reception, finalize the details with the hotel, decide on how you want to do RSVP's (I guess it's the new cool thing to do it all online?)...etc. etc. etc...     Needless to say...invitations won't be ordered for a few more weeks probably.

I also made a decision on bridesmaid dresses finally! But then...once again...my mother reminds me that we need to figure out junior bridesmaid dress, tuxes for the guys, if there's anyone else in the wedding party we need to get clothes for, and my thought..making sure the flower colors are set in case we get matches vests and ties or whatever we decide to do with the guys. Great! One decision down, 8000 to go.

Eventually, someday the wedding will be planned. Hopefully before October 2!

Other than that, it's 30 degrees in Florida, it actually kind of feels like winter and I'm already getting excited for spring. I'm really just more excited for longer days. It's very depressing getting home when it's already dark. It also kills my workout motivation and I need to get in shape before the wedding! Tom and I are on Day 7 of P90X so hopefully doing the dvd will get me in shape and hold me over til there's light in the evenings and I can run outside!

I'm also scared of the dark in our neighborhood haha Not that it's not safe, but I don't like running outside on our little trail in the dark because there are a lot of foxes. While I've been told many times I don't need to worry about the foxes and they are more scared of me, than I am of them, with the crazy news I read in Northwest Florida, woman attacked and eaten by foxes would not surprise me at all as a headline. I'll just stay inside or take the dog out when it's dark and not take any chances with foxes or any other wild animals in the bogs and woods near the house.

New Years resolution: Keep up with this better so I can actually have some readers and family and friends back home can see what we're up to in Florida! Let's see how long it lasts haha

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