Major Award

Did I tell everyone my major award came in the mail not too long ago? I was so excited to get it! Tom actually sat it right on the kitchen counter, the first place I go when I get home from work. He even cleared off all the junk mail, papers, random kitchen appliances, etc. off of the counter to make it even more obvious that there was a package there for me. I got a little giddy, jumped around for a second or two, then opened it up to a BEAUTIFUL book and a sweet hand written note from Red Bliss Invitations. It's the personal touches that really made me feel like a super star for a second. The book had TONS of beautiful pictures of wedding dresses, invitations, food, and decoration ideas all themed around Swarovski crystals...none of which I could ever afford in my wildest dreams, but soo fun to look at! I've stared and gawked over the pages for awhile, and feel like I need to share the prettiness! So friends out there-let me know if you'd like to see it! It's probably just going to sit on my coffee table, so I'd love to be able to share it with someone so let me know if you'd like it and I'll mail it your way!

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