Fairytale Ending

Girls, lets be honest, we all want that fairytale. Even sports loving, unromantic, emotionless (ha), reality focused girls like me. Ok, that might be putting my personality nicely, but if you know me, you know dating, drama, daydreaming, emotions...well, they've never really been top priorities. But even I, deep below my cold, blunt, heartless surface, have hoped and dreamed I'd find that special someone. You probably never thought you'd see the day I'd be planning a wedding...or maybe just my family thought that...but here I am! With my perfect guy, planning my perfect day, and it may even possibly bring a tear to my eye...gasp!

Well I just love seeing other people share the happy ending I've found! Even people who do crazy things to get there. So I just fell in love with I stumbled across 31 Dates in 31 Days. The whole story: a 31 year old who goes on 30 dates with 30 different guys and on the 31st date, goes on a second date with the guy she likes the best. And it makes me happy as pie to find out that she married her 31st date just a few weeks ago! How perfect is that? To find a guy, on a dating challenge, and in less than a year, be married! The wedding is on Style Me Pretty today which is how I found this incredible story.

I also think it's funny I've written a blog entirely on 2 other blogs. But it's just too cute of a story not to share! Apparently, there may even be a book about her big dating adventure and fairytale ending so I'm excited! Maybe even a movie? She could be famous just because at 31, she decided to date and blog. I need to get some original stuff before my life gets turned into a book or movie, but I'll work on that.

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