Freezing in Florida!

It feels like Pennsylvania in Florida these days! It's a high of mid-30's every day this week. At night it gets down to the teens. They're even talking about...wait for it...SNOW! Floridians don't know how to handle snow. They can't even handle the cold when it's sunny and clear. I would like to share a little tid bit with your Floridians out there...just because it's cold does not mean you have to drive like an idiot. Now, there are a lot of snowbirds down here these months which has slowed down all road traffic since late November. But this week, on top of snowbird traffic, people are just driving like idiots. They're going a little slower, cutting people off, acting like the roads are sooo awful when it hasn't rained in days and the sun is shining! Seriously people? You want to make me stress out about being late for work for this?? On top of that, the people on the radio are appalled by the temperatures! All they talk about it how to be careful on the roads because it's so cold out (seriously?) and that you should be careful because people are wearing sweaters this time of year which generates a lot of static so people might get shocked! Static is generated by sweaters? Not the dry air when it's cold and winter, just sweaters. Atleast Pennsylvanians handle the snow better. They don't like it, there's lots of complaining but there aren't quite so many cold weather idiots.

On wedding notes....we're working on the fun and excitement of weddnig registries. Where to register, how to register, WHAT to register for. It's crazy! So many options. And with our potential Air Force career and moving and getting a new house every few years, I'm not sure I can commit to a color scheme for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Our kitchen right now is a bright green color which is just out of the question as a potential color scheme for our kitchen. Our bathroom is also a somewhat nauseating color of green. So should we get bathroom things that match the green or neutral? or what we hope our future bathroom will look like? Oohhh decisions! I am notorious for being bad at some decisions and committing to color scheme and styles for possibly many many years (luckily, I can commit to people in my life, so Tom is safe ;) haha). Styles are changing, popular colors are always changing and now you're saying I have to decide on something to use/like/want in my house for years and years? I can't handle this. Tom's making the decisions. This wedding stuff is getting overwhelming!

Ok that's my rant for today. I have had much worse snow experiences so I shouldn't complain too bad. I'll let you know if there is snow siting tonight. A few natives to this area that I work with are waiting up until later this evening in hope of seeing their first snow fall of their life! No, they are not 8 years old, they are all late 20s, early 30s. It's a very special place, this lower Alabama section of Florida. I'm sure all of you up north would die to be down here right now, but it's not quite as warm and nice as the Florida stereotype so don't be too jealous. :)

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