Busy weekend

It was a busy weekend in Niceville, Florida! We had so much to do we thought we'd never get everything done. We didn't, but we did get a big chunk of things!

I am taking Anatomy and Physiology to start my move from the business side of healthcare to the clinical side. My career path right now is very up in the air. It depends on schools, where Tom gets stationed next, and my ability to finish some pre-req courses but we'll see what happens in the next year or 2! For now, there are a few classes I need to take no matter what...A&P being the biggest so I figured I'd get that taken care of and wait for Tom's orders in the next year and a half or so and then see what the best option is at that point. The purpose of this ramble...I had my first lab on Saturday morning. It was like high school science all over, learning how to use a microscope and basic lab terminology. This class will definitely keep me busy the next few months but in-state tuition is super cheap at Northwest Florida State College so I figure it's a good opportunity for me to get classes done.

We cleaned my car. To many, this seems like a simple, quick task. You haven't seen my car...or more importantly, my trunk. I had beach stuff in my trunk covered in sand from August. There were broken beach chairs and a lamp from my move to Florida. I had hangers and random clothing from moving/beach trips/random activities in the past few months. To make things worse, my car was covered in dust, you can barely see out most of the windows and there are papers and receipts from probably last winter. Tom has insisted for over a month now that we go out and clean my car. I have avoided it, knowing just how awful it would be, but this weekend we sucked it up, went outside and cleaned both of our cars. We organized all of our beach stuff (aka got it out of my car and put it in the garage in a somewhat organized fashion). And when we went grocery shopping later this weekend, we actually had room in my trunk for groceries! It was amazing. Well worth the ffort, but not so much fun while we were doing it :)

And what's a wedding planning blog without some wedding planning this weekend! We met with the priest at our church in Florida. We've met with him before and done some paperwork and everything to get the OK to be married in the Catholic church. We thought it would be many more months and much more drama before we'd get the official OK, but after some awkward baby talk with the priest, he said he had everything he needed and would send all of our completed paperwork to the church in Pennsylvania where the wedding will be and we were good to go! We asked over and over if that was it and he said that we were done! Well...that was easy. Almost too easy, so I'm bracing myself for something to go wrong, but we still have over 8 months so I'm sure it'll work out just fine :)

Other than that, our weekend was cleaning, P90X (we're on week 4 and looking buffer and buffer by the day!), and doing school work. No much fun, but we had a giant checklist Friday night and by Sunday evening, it was almost all gone, so it was a very productive weekend :)

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