Engagement session with Bella Raema Studios

Tom and I went to Eden Gardens State Park this weekend to take pictures! A friend I work with told me about a friend of hers who owns a studio, Bella Raema Studios, who met us there to take pictues! We're hoping to use lots of the pictures for some wedding decor, DIY projects, Save-the-dates, and anything else we can think of. So we were pretty excited to finally meet up with her, get our pictures taken and get a chance to see the beautiful park! She posted a little sneak peak online that I wanted to share with everyone!
I was starting to lose interest a bit in wedding planning because a lot of things were put on hold, pending projects and such, but these pictures have excited me again! I'm so excited to see the rest of the pictures and start getting things ordered/put together/organized and ready to go for the big day!

In other news, I will be home in PA from July 3rd-11th to do wedding planning stuff...also meet up with friends and of course, Eask's wedding! So I'm pretty excited to go home, get stuff done and have a good time with everyone :)

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