Not just bad luck....worst luck...ever

So my great weekend. My wonderful weekend at my best friend's wedding...it never happened. Everyone knows there was bad weather all over the US the past few weeks. Lots of snow and ice. But it's been sunny and beautiful in Florida, as is expected. It hasn't snowed here in almost 20 years. Most people I work with have never seen snow. We get rain and hurricanes in the fall, but sun and heat (which do not effect air travel at all) is the most common thing you see in the weather. But what happened on Friday night? It snowed. In Florida. But what made it worse, it snowed in Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and all these crazy states down here that barely know the word "snow".

So that was Friday. I was stressed about Tom coming home from being TDY in Virginia all week. Worried I wouldn't get to see him before I left for Shibby's wedding. That was my main concern. If I only knew.

Saturday morning, we wake up bright and early (or late, for some people) and were out the door by 4am to make my flight. I checked the internet before then, everything said on time. I get to the airport to check in and I find out ALL of the flights out of Northwest Florida Regional Airport were cancelled! All morning! ughh! Bad news...but I was put on a flight later that afternoon and pepped up a bit because I'd still make it to Vegas that night. I wouldn't miss the wedding, or bachelorette party, and it'd still be a good weekend. I went home, rested a bit, kept checking the airports website constantly for changes. Early afternoon rolls around and my flight still says on time. Some flights have even already left so I was excited. It sounded like things were back on track.

I go to the airport again, now it's flights to Atlanta that are majorly delayed because of snow there! Ok fine, Mr. Delta guy, what can you do to get me to Vegas tonight? and couldn't he just say the worst thing ever....he couldn't do anything! He checked flying elsewhere, skipping outo n Atlanta to get to Vegas. Nothing. Everything going to vegas is completely booked and has standby a mile long. Really people? Vegas for Valentine's day? You're really all that cheesey? So fine. Can I go to another airport near Vegas and drive there? No. Can I drive to New Orleans or Birmingham, or somewhere a few hours away and then get a flight from there that'll get me to Vegas or somewhere nearby? Can you get me there with more connections? Nothing, nada and zip were the only responses he was giving me. This is about when I burst into tears and the nice airport man goes and talks to all the other airlines about finding a way to get me to Vegas. EVERYTHING was booked, delayed, cancelled, or just wouldn't work out to get me to Vegas by Sunday morning.

So what did crying get me? My money back for my ticket. What did it not get me? To my wifey's wedding :( I made the Delta guy feel really bad, which I feel bad about now, so Mr. Delta guy, I know you tried and you were very helpful for the 45 minutes I bugged you and cried to you that I HAD to get to Vegas and he didn't understand how badly i HAD to be there RIGHT AWAY. So my bad.

I missed the wedding :( I missed the whole weekend :( I actually spent the rest of the day being very mopey and grouchy, so now, I also apologize to Tom for dealing with unhappy me.

But mostly, I'm so sorry to my wifey and teddy money for missing their big day :( I'm the worst maid of honor in the world :( I'm sooooo sorry! I'm happy things went well, even with me telling 24 hours before your wedding that I wouldn't be there. I'm sure I put a lot more stress on her that she didn't need right before her big day as well. So really...I don't think I can say I'm sorry enough. I think I'll go buy you another salad spinner or more dishes to try to say I'm sorry and I suck.

Who would have thought with guests coming from DC and Richmond and Pennsylvania and New York that me, in FLORIDA, would be the one who couldn't get there because of bad weather :( Go figure. I wish I had pictures and memories of my best friend's big day. But I have nothing. and that makes me very sad.

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