Love love love

I love it when I check out my blog and more and more people are reading it :) makes me smile. makes me feel like I'm writing something somewhat entertaining so people come back. Sure it's not celebrity gossip, or even much news about my actual life (there is much more to it than wedding planning...nothing too much more exciting, but still...more), but weddings are pretty and fun to look at. As long as you're not single. 

I will share some random thoughts of the day though, somewhat about my real life. Valentine's day is next weekend. Every girl in 1st grade is excited to bring in her cartoon cards and M&M bags. Every hopeless romantic out there is anticipating their beautiful roses and candy from their loved one. And call me a bitter betty, or maybe my years of singleness loathing this holiday have permantly scarred me, but I don't like Valentine's Day. At all. Not even a little. I think it's stupid. Every store jacks up the prices of flowers and candy. Every male with a woman in his life scrambles to make reservations and get the best flowers and spend a fortune to tell someone you love them. Why can't you tell the person every day? Why can't you make reservations to a special restaurant and get flowers for your lady on August 15th or November 2nd...why February 14th? Yet, I feel pressure to want to like this holiday to "compete" with the other ladies in my life who have all these romantic and wonderful plans with their husbands and boyfriends or random friends. So not only do I hate it because I think it's a lame excuse to show someone you love them, but I feel like I have to participate in this pointless holiday!

So this year, despite my protest and disregard for February 14th, I will celebrate love on Valentine's Day...but not my own. My dearest best friend and wifey will finally marry this guy I call Teddy (that's not his real name at all, not even close, and the story of how his real name eventually turned into Teddy is pretty weird so I'll spare you all). I'm very excited to be a part of this event, that almost didn't happen like 5 times. After Teddy's patience, waiting for years while Sara "wasn't ready" and wasn't too interested in marriage, changing deployments, moving, training, change and set backs galore...they finally have a date, it's only a week away so I don't think there's any stopping it now! Which I'm glad about :) Very happy actually. T-money is a good guy. He is very good for Shibby. And out of all the guys she's been with in the 6 or so years I've known her, by far her best choice ;) So this weekend and next week I will be preparing for my trip out west to witness the event many thought would never happen...the marriage of Shibby and Teddy ;)

This is how me and the wifey have fun :) love her<3

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