A perfectionist in me?

I've never claimed to be a perfectionist. I'm not at all. I'm ok with the dishes not being done, with some things being out of place, with getting a 95% instead of 100% on a test. I don't obsess over work til it's absolutely positively perfect. I just do my best, move on pretty quickly, and just keep on keeping on pretty much.

With this wedding though, I think a bit of a perfectionist is coming out. Even with the blog. I must change the layout every other day. I just can't find one that is really PERFECT. I like the most recent one the best so far. But I've said that about all of the others...that I like this one just a little bit more than the last.

Maybe it's because I have so many friends getting married lately. I feel the need to not necessarily outshine them, but for my wedding to be remembered in the hustle and bustle of wedding after wedding. I want the wedding to really show people who Tom and I are and why we are in love and why we decided to get married. From all of our favorite sweets, favorite songs, and romantic kisses that make up our lives and will for..well..forever :)

I change my mind 1000 times. I am always googlings new ideas, picture, places, things. My mind is just overflowing with ideas and I want to use them all but have taken a step back and realized 1. it's not financially feasible to do every wild idea I have, no matter how much fun it would be (a picture booth? seriously, too fun! but not very practical or feasible for middle of nowhere Pennsylvania). 2. It's a fall wedding and as much as I don't want to be, I'm somewhat limited in colors and styles out of availability and how silly would it look to have bright green and pink and blue when fall colors are so classic.

So what I'm saying is...the best thing I've learned in some ways is how to be a perfectionist. I've learned how to really focus on 1 idea and make sure that it turns out "just right". But I've also learned, being a perfectionist is exhausting and frustrating and incredible stressful! Which is probably why, I've never turned into one. So I take each task for the wedding one step at a time, try to really make it perfect, but let it go if things can't be exactly how I want.

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Ruly said...

Weddings definitely bring out the perfectionist in every woman! It is only normal. You might sit down with your fiance and decide together which parts of the wedding are most important to you and focus your efforts there. Let the rest go or you will just wear yourself out. I have been writing all this month about perfectionism. Today my sister weighed in on the issue of perfectionism among girlfriends which you might be curious to read. http://www.beruly.com/?p=979

Best wishes!