Productivity x10000

Ok 8 months to go made me think that I have SO MUCH left to do. The wedding is going to be here before I know it and I have done...well...alot of nothing! So yesterday I kicked it in gear! I figured out the bridesmaid dress dillema, some of the girls even ordered their dresses already! I gave them a few weeks to do it, they only take 2-3 months to come in so it's not a HUGE rush but I'm glad the decision is made and they're getting that done so there won't be any last minute craziness getting a dress! I contacted our photographer and figured out engagement announcements so check those off the list! I contacted the country club and figured out chair sashes, found some places to buy them really cheap, all that's left to do is order them, but we're going to get a sample to make sure they're right. As long as they look like they do in the picture then that's a done deal! We are going to this state park in Florida on the 20th to take pictures for some extra decorations with a friend of a friend who happens to be a wonderful photographer, I've also talked to her about save-the-dates so once those pictures are done there are 2 more big things checked off the list!

I need to in the next day or so: call my niece and nephew, hopefully tonight, to make sure they are in the loop. My niece is going to be a junior bridesmaid and I need to see if my nephew wants to help out. I also need to call my cousin for some help. I need to ask the people I want to do the readings as well...that's a secret. Mostly because they might all be reading this so let's just say, I need to make sure all the wedding day jobs are taken care of and people know what they're doing!

I need to pick out MUSIC! ugh! So I need ideas! pretty please! We're having a Catholic wedding, very traditional, and the priest of the church (who is not marrying us, but may be there at the time so we're going to stick with his rules) will not let us have "Here comes the bride". Not the end of the world, there are a ton of songs out there. So I need 2 songs that will sound good with a violin and cello playing, 1 for the bridesmaids, ushers, groomsmen, parents, etc, etc, to walk in to and another for me to walk down the aisle to! Canon in D is on my list, but does anyone else have any ideas??? We'll also need a song to walk out to that will be played by the violin/cello duo. Catholic friends: we need church songs :-P for communion, psalms, the typical church music except no entrance, exit or offetory song :-P So ideas? anyone? Please help! :)

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