I love Google

I use Google for everything. Mail, calendars, blog, buzz has become my new thing to figure out...possibly use. But this one by far takes the cake. Obviously I found out about this from Style Me Pretty, because they're on top of all things wedding. But GoogleDocs just came out with new wedding planning tools that are amazing! I completely reorganized my wedding planning last night....instead of packing, cleaning, doing anatomy or anything that I should have been doing. But in the long run, hopefully it really helps. I mean, we are under 8 months until the big day now so I REALLY need to focus more on this wedding stuff! So you must go check it out if you are planning a wedding.

One thing it really makes you realize...budget! So I never really looked at total costs. I've seen all the costs as they come in, a few hundred for this or for that, a general idea of cost for food and drinks, etc. But not until I put everything in this handy dandy spreadsheet did I see the total. Wow. Makes you take a step back and really think if you're doing a good job at keeping the wedding affordable as it can be. Looking at the template, most of my things are SO MUCH cheaper than what they have in there, so that made me feel good, but still....weddings are so expensive! So...good thing my parents only have boys left so they don't have to pay for too much more!

On a happy note: I'm leaving on a jetplane tomorrow at 5:25am and going to Las Vegas for my wifey's wedding! Tres exciting! :) I'll share pictures when I get back, get caught up on sleep, and get back on track with life after a weekend of craziness I'm sure :)

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