199 days

Things have been crazy at work. Crazy making plans. Tom's job has been crazy. and every second we think we have a free minute or a free evening it quickly books up.

Last week we started the week just dying of excitement for a weekend with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO! that might not be much for you, but after all our visitors and craziness lately, we were pretty excited just to relax, clean up the house, and spend some time together. Well by Monday we remembered on Friday night we had a promotion party. Then our friend asked us to go to Pensacola and do the McGuire's St. Patrick's Day 5k Saturday morning. We did the race last year and had a lot of fun so we signed up and agreed to do it! (Note...this friend...cough cough...later bailed haha but we had fun ourselves running and drinking some irish wakes at the end). Well so Saturday morning...we still had the rest of the weekend to relax right? Then my friend decided to have her birthday party on Saturday night. She made it Talladega night themed...so obviously we couldn't miss that. 
So Friday night, we went to the party, Saturday morning we woke up early and drove to Pensacola for the race. Then we ran some errands in Pensacola and went home. We had to dress appropriately for the party so we went to Wal-mart before the party to get some nascar gear :) No joke...I got Tom to wear a flannel plaid shirt and a nascar hat. It was great! I rocked some cut off shorts and a kind of country top, so we made quite the pair! I wish we had pictures but sadly, we didn't take any :( I know. I stink! Then the friend who bailed on us for the McGuires race invited us over for dinner on Sunday! So needless to say, we only spent Sunday morning doing "nothing" and even then, we decided to make a cake to take to our friends so really..it was a pretty busy weekend! Yikes!

Everyone thought my cake was pretty ridic. I enjoy daylight savings time in the spring because it means more sunshine in the evenings after work...so I decided to celebrate. They had actually started to cut the cake and then suddenly was like "Oh wait! we HAVE to get a picture of this!" So here is my beautiful cake :) with a little cut and a few pieces under icing from almost cutting up the cake before a picture was taken!

You know you're jealous ;) haha

So today is officially less than 200 days to go til the wedding! We're doing some wedding things this weekend! Hopefully picking out invitations for real, for real, and maybe getting them ordered so I'm not stressed out come May and June to make sure they're ordered in time and get them addressed all pretty and in the mail by early August! Crazy how time flies! I can't believe we're halfway through March!
On another fun note: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Tom and I are getting married in St. Patrick's church in Newry, PA (I don't think you get much more Irish than that) so this holiday definitely deserves a mention in the wedding blog! I went to elementary school at the church we're getting married at and St. patrick's day was the biggest holiday of the year so I've always loved celebrating! I just wish it wasn't on a Wednesday so I could REALLY celebreate ;) I hope everyone enjoys the green beer and has a few irish car bombs! :) Especially you kids still in school! I wish I was still in college so I had an excuse to drink on a wednesday again...sadly, in the adult world, people actually judge you for going out on a wednesday night and being hung over on Thursday at work...darn real world! :-P hehe :)

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