What does your wedding day say about your wedding?

Now according to an aol.com article, the date you choose for your wedding can say a lot about your wedding and marriage?

Side note to this blog: I don't believe in astrology...at all. Every "fortune" or horoscope I have ever seen has been so general, it seems a bit of a waste. And I think reading a horoscope in the morning that says it's going to be a gloomy day so watch out, almost makes me LOOK for something bad to happen, which, inevitably, it will..and ruin your day...all because of that horoscope. You can turn any day into a good day if you want, so put the horoscope down people.

So moving on...here is what that article says about our wedding date (October 2,2010):
Libra Weddings (September 23 - October 22)
The romantic spirit of Libra is like no other. The whisper of chillier winds is instantly warmed by the bright colors and happy moods of people reaping the bounty of the harvest. Couples searching for richly hued backdrops and quiet, peaceful moods will enjoy getting married during this time. The Libra marriage will probably be marked by many discussions and controversies between life mates; but arguments can always be settled with true compromise.

I don't think any of that was running through my mind in picking a date. I admit, it's a big decision. You have to consider season, availability of important people, availability of location and vendors, weather, and most girls can't say they don't consider colors in picking their date. If pastel purple is your favorite color in the world, you probably wouldn't want to get married in the fall. Luckily for brides, I think the color stereotypes of weddings are going away. You can pull off pastels in fall and richer colors in spring. You can also have more than just 2 dominant colors, which has been very fun to include all the hues of fall into the wedding but still keeping things from getting too color crazy.

I don't like that it says our marriage will be filld with discussions and controversies. Does any marriage not involve these things? I would say all relationships involve discussions. Most people have controversies, especially in a marriage when your'e taking 2 completely different lives and molding them into one. Bank accounts, raising kids, religion, what's for dinner....I think that's assumed, not some great prediction for our marriage. And compromise...well that's just a part of life and making relationships work. There are things that are top priorities for Tom, especialy in planning the wedding (for example, tux vest and tie color...one of the only decisions Tom has made freely and on his own, with very little discussion). For just wanting to be involved in those few things, I've pretty much given him creative freedom. If he wants a maroon vest and tie, he can have that maroon vest and tie and I won't complain one bit. Flowers and decorations though...Tom could care less. So he pretty much lets me do whatever I want. Food is something we've both taken an interest in, but he picks one meal, I pick the other, and we've got our dinner choices done! So we've worked out a compromising system. It's not all about what I want. It's not all about what he wants. It's worked out well to turn into the wedding that WE want :)

So horoscope...waste of time. Figure out life for yourself and I think things will work out just fine :)

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