How Sweet It Is

Is there ever a time that stalking is an ok thing? I think so. Or maybe I just tell that to myself to make me feel better. I obviously have issues...please see previous blog for an example.

But I stalk Amy Atlas and I am totally ok with saying it. I LOVE when I see her parties and dessert tables in magazines or other blogs. I read her blog almost as religiously as Style Me pretty. She is a true inspiration for any event planning. Every design she comes up with just wows me. How awesome would it be if she designed a dessert table for your wedding??? I don't even think I could handle it if I were 1 of the lucky people she helps design parties for. How amazing is this yellow and black table?

I'm also obsessed with this Alice in Wonderland themed party she showed on her blog.
Even if it's not her design, she just has an eye for pretty and style and I'm completely jealous.

So I'm refocusing my dessert table idea. For you PA people, the cookie table is going to have to be a little more modern and funky. The cookie table has just gotten a little sloppy at weddings I've been to lately. Just piles and piles of cookies looks like a mess. I want the cookies to add to the wedding and design and be a little detail people remember for a good reason, not because it was a mess. I want all the details of the wedding to fit and to flow and to add to the wedding. So I'm channeling my inner Amy Atlas (if there's any part of her amazing creativeness in me at all) and we'll see how things turn out come wedding day!

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