So I've realized I have no idea what I'm going to do with my hair, jewelry or veil. All I have is the dress. So definitely the biggest part done, but I have no idea about everything else! I've seen some hair ideas that I like, and I can wait until the week before to figure out the hair when I meet with the girl who's going to do my hair for the wedding for a practice run. But do I want a headband? Tiaras are just out (I had a bit too much of tiara's during my dairy princess days).  Simple is good. My mom and I found some beads and things for hair and jewelry at Michael's...no plan on what to do with them yet, but for $3 we figured it wasn't a huge waste if we didn't use them. If we didn't get them and then decided later we needed them, we'd never be able to find them...or maybe it's just us that has issues with finding things that you want later on.  And then there are veils! Let's start here...do you know how expensive veils are? For as little they are, it's mildly ridiculous. And how do you know what looks good on you or with your dress? Is it all just personal preference? Does your hair style matter? Why are there no blogs or websites out their that have any information to tell brides about how to accessorize properly? haha It's hard! And every time I see some beautiful celebrity in some beautiful wedding dress, I rethink all the style decisions I'd previously made and my mind just keeps changing every day!

When In Rome COMPLETELY changed my mind about veils. If you haven't seen it, it's very cute. I dragged Tom along and he even admitted to thinking it was funny...not liking it, because that's a stretch and something he'd kill me if I admitted in public, but he said it was funny so it gets points for that. But Kristen Bell's Amsale gown in the end was amazing. Loved it. And I LOVED her veil. SOOO naturally, now I'm looking at longer veils, but would that look ok with my dress? or my hair? and then what do I do with my jewelry? And I think I need a personal consultant for these things. It's crazy! So...I'm working on it. Luckily I have time, so no need to stress just yet, but I do need to make a decision and actually stick with it even after I see other styles I like. I'm working on it. Baby steps.

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