Pre-Wedding workout

Does anyone know any good pre-wedding workouts? I see alot online but they seem to be for people who don't or haven't really worked out before. I've been doing some P90X, light weight lifting, I know I need to step up the cardio, but I don't care what you Northerners say...it's been cold in Florida! I went to the gym last week for the first time since I moved to Florida! Something I probably should have done long ago, but when the weather's nice we have a nice trail by our house to run on, we have lots of weights and workout dvd's at our house, so it's been just as easy to work out at home. But I think there's something extra you get when you see other people working out and when you know other people are watching you...and judging you (you know you do it too haha). So it's getting to crunch time and I really need to focus on diet and working out or I will not be happy with how I look on my wedding day!

So any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Pretty much I just need to slim down from the waste up ;) my bottom will be hidden under many layers of satin and tulle. My arms are my biggest concern, especially with the strapless dress. I'm not known for having small slim shoulders haha so anything I can do to trim my upper half down a bit would be a lifesaver! :)

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mark lawrence said...

Before my sister’s pre-wedding party at one of iconic San Francisco wedding venues, she started working out to lose weight and joined gym. It really helped her to achieve her goal and looked stunning on her big day.