The Bachelor reached new lows...

Reality tv is my guilty pleasure. Tom teases me relentlessly for my obsession. I just can't help it! If you have 19 kids, pregnant at 16, like to fist pump on a beach, or are looking for true love in the most public way possible, then I'm suddenly infatuated with you. It's not healthy. I'm working on it. In my defense though (denial...a way to know for sure I have an unhealthy obsession), I only watch these shows out of the pure ridiculousness of the lives they're showing and how insane and just plain stupid reality tv producers can make people look. They can take a somewhat normal every day situation and make it the most dramatic event in TV history! I love it.

Anyway...naturally I'm in love with The Bachelor. I loved Deanna after she was heart broken. Thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever that she picked Jesse over Jason. Naturally then I had to watch to see if Jason could find true love. I thought Melissa was perfect for him and was crushed when he dumped her for the wilder, a little riskier choice of Molly (just like what poor Jake did in picking Vienna...I'm still bitter over that one). But Jillian I loved so then of course I had to watch Jillian end up with Ed (1 of the few Bachelor/Bachelorette couples that I was happy with). I thought getting rid of Jake was a good call though, so I can't say I was quite so obsessed with this past season, but I was still curious and after the crazies in the beginning of the season, it just hooked me to keep watching. Darn you producers!

So a year later (one year, after Melissa got dumped and Jason makes out with Molly 5 minutes later... classy) Molly and Jason got married! I had to watch. I made myself an angel food cake and strawberry dessert, cuddled up and watched every second of the commercial that they called Jason and Molly's wedding. If there was 1 more plug, I threatened to turn it off, but Tom knew better than to get his hopes up for that. As it got more and more ridiculous, I kept watching. As Chris Harrison mentioned the rain for the 60913568019358 time, I kept watching. As the rain poured and Molly, having no idea what she was talking about, went on and on with her vows (I probably would have cut it short or atleast asked for an umbrella at that point so I could actually see the guy I was saying my vows to), I kept watching. Just waiting for that next ridiculous moment.

Atleast I find the humor in reality tv right?

Now there were some positives...I LOVED molly's dress.

I still can't help but laugh at all that rain and how positive they acted about it. No back up plan? Who does that? and laugh about it? Not 1 part of her wanted to be a little upset her Monique Lhuillier gown was absolutely soaked. Rumor on the block is between her jewelry and dress (and I'm sure the  Manolo Blahnik shoes added a few dollars), Molly was wearing about $45,000.

Another great moment was seeing Deanna with Michael's twin brother (from Jillian's season). Seriously? I mean, no one expected her and Jesse to last but the twin of another Bachelor wannabe? I'm not sure if I feel sorry for Deanna or Michael more...because he's not cool enough for a chance with her, but his twin brother is.

Let's not forget the camera guy who got put in a head lock and carried away. I was dying laughing.

And my fav line of the night: "Out of all the women you've proposed to...Molly is the best!" Wow, that's awesome. That's all I can say about that.

In all seriousness, 1 cute moment of the night...Molly walking down the aisle to "Somewhere over the Rainbow" with a rainbow and the sun ALMOST breaking through. Very sweet.

I can go on, but I'll stop there.

So overall, I think it was outstanding. It took ridiculous to a whole new level and I, yet again, am amazed by reality tv producers and would like to beg them for their job.  How much fun would that be? I'm sure everyone wanted Melissa to make a camea. But she is far too classy for the ridiuclousness of The Bachelor. She's moving on to bigger and better things. Good for you Melissa!

I'm beyond excited for the next Bachelor/Bachelorette wedding! I'm glad they're actually making some lasting couples now other than Trista and Ryan. Although, the failures are pretty funny too.

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