7 months

So I was looking back on my blog. I started this blog when it was 1 year and 2 days until the big day. I can't believe we're already at 7 months to go! and I'm an awful wedding planner...I get in streaks when I'm knocking out 1 detail after another...then I do absolutely nothing for a few weeks. ha.

Now in my defense...my brother is visiting this week so wedding planning isn't really a top priority. It's been more beaching and exploring the area some more. It's amazing that I've lived here for 7 months now and half the places we went this weekend I'd never been or only been to briefly so didn't really know what all there was...for you Destin lovers, The Village at Baytowne Wharf is way over prices, but fun to hang out and we did manage to find the 1 place that has $1.00 beers. We also went to Turkey Creek which I drive past every day. Tom has refused to ever go there, and his excuse was ALWAYS alligators. So we went, risked the alligators, being February and still cold, we figured we'd be safe. We didn't see a single alligator, much to my brother and his friends' dismay. So we jumped in the water (yes, on February 28th, in turkey creek...you have no idea how cold it was haha) to prove we weren't scared of alligators haha So we get home...Tom didn't come because he was doing some work on a grad school class he's taking...and Tom insists the reason we didn't go there was not because of alligators but because of water moccasin. I've never heard him complain of water moccasins, so I'm calling him out on that one haha Pretty much, I think he's going to run out of excuses someday and have to jump in the water. Big baby haha I actually will state here, in a public site, that chances of Tom EVER going in the water at turkey creek are slim to none...very similar to the chances you'll ever get him to watch a scary movie. Yes...I'm marrying a whimp ;) and when he writes a blog, he can poke fun at me, but since I'm the only one who keeps up for thsi...I can tease him all I want :)

So wedding planning...back on track...we're meeting with the lovely Sarah of Bella Raema Studios to check out the rest of our pictures that she edited tonight. I'm super excited. She's also helping with the save-the-date cards...so doubly excited to kill 2 birds with 1 stone hopefully!  I've also decided I hate invitations. I love looking at them, but to actually make a decision...well it may be a last minute decision because I'm just bad at invitations. I either love them and they're wayyy too expensive or want to change some little detail about the, but can't.
I ran across these beautiful invitations though and by Laura Hooper and almost decided to change my wedding colors. Aren't these adorable?

So someday...this wedding will be done...and I will have no idea what to do with my free time or blog about. But I'll be married to a pretty cool guy, even if he's scared of scary movies and jumping in creeks that may possibly have wildlife in or nearby (gasp!).

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