Almost 1 year of being engaged!

1 year ago on Monday, Tom asked me to marry him :) I'm trying to think of something special we can do! We don't really celebrate anniversaries, mostly because we didn't really have one. There wasn't 1 day we finally decided we were a couple. We went from friends, to better friends, and one day it was love. We used to say September 1st, 2008 was our anniversary but by then we were on the "I love you" stage already.

The beginning of our relationship was a little complicated and untraditional. In February 2006 is when we met, but he had a serious girlfriend at the time and I was just the friend of the girlfriend who he talked to to be nice and keep up with happenings at Virginia Tech. We were supposed to meet up in Ohio in 2007 but I totally blew him off for another guy, even though that was the first time in quite a few months we were in the same place at the same time. That winter though we finally reconnected a bit more than we had in a long time. I'd like to say it was over happier events, but I found out he had bone cancer and talked with him and opened his eyes to Lance Armstrong ;) Sharing a love of cycling, hockey playoffs, and Tom having to go TDY a lot for work and being bored in airports is what finally got us talking. I remember about 2 years ago, he was working on a test. He had very long hours and one night I didn't get a text from him after work. I texted him that night and told him I missed him and I hoped everything was ok. Honestly, the first thing on my mind was he probably was out on a date with another girl and what I thought was becoming something was just him killing time. He later told me about the test and how he was working all day and night. Which made me a little excited that there wasn't another girl ;) And then, a year later, 1 year ago, he asked me to marry him and I said yes!

The moral of the story...we didn't get anniversary dates out of all that. We don't even remember the exact date we met. We're not really the sentimental types so it didn't bother us. There is even more complications in all of that, but I'm giving you the cliffnotes of anniversary chaos. But this is 1 day that something big happened, we know the date and it was very uncomplicated! So we need to celebrate. But due to my lack of anniversary celebrations, I'm not sure what we can do! At first, Tom was supposed to be TDY so I didn't plan out anything ahead of time, but now he will definitely be here so I need to come up with a plan and quick! $20 says he's not even thinking about this and I know he doesn't read this very often so he will have no idea. That's how great we are at anniversaries haha but anyone have any great ideas? We got engaged in key west so I'm thinking Key Lime pie is a must ;) but that's as far as I got! We'll work on this anniversary thing haha ;)

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