Someday I will be a blogger...

Someday I'll get good at this blogging thing. ha. All it takes is staying at work for 12 hours to throw off my entire week. But we have a quiet weekend at home. All we had was a first birthday party for the adorable Miss Teagan today. Other than that, our weekend looks open. We're hoping to fill it up with cooking (Tom really enjoys when I make a weeks worth of random food for his lunches and a dessert...boys haha), cleaning and maybe even some beach time! It's HOT though already and it's only May! I'm curious to see how it gets in June and July. Hopefully this will mean nice tan in October for wedding time! haha we shall see!

While Tom has a new obsession with barefoot running and determined to get his swagger back in a 100 mile race next May I have gained a new obsession with healthy blogs in order to get in shape for the wedding and find some way to take off all the weight I've gained since my broken knee cap incident. I can't work out as intensely as I used to, so naturally, I'm not burning as many calories. And assuming I could eat the same way I used to when I ran several miles a day=massive fail. So I'm hoping a new healthy spin on life will help take away a few of my bad habits. And finding ways to eat healthy and natural and making it taste good will (fingers crossed) make weight loss a little easier. Let's hope! I know I need to lose the weight, not just for the wedding, but for life in general, but it's been a struggle and it seems like a few pounds a year has added up to ridiculousness.

And have I mentioned how I LOVE ribbons and bows? Seriously, it's an obsession.
LOVE this cake

Ok it's time for some Insanity. Let's hope I survive.

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