Crazy Day

Sorry this is late...to report on the pie, it was delicious. Maybe a little too much sugar in the meringue but now I know better for next time :)

We also are going to EHR at my office (which means nothing to anyone who is not in the medical field) and I'm part of the "core group" that is stuck in training for the next few days to learn how to set-up our new system. Pretty much...lots of work, there will probably be mass confusion for a few months, but hopefully things will settle down and the office will be a million times more efficient. Fingers crossed! Either way, I was stuck sitting in a room for 9 hours today. Useful information, just I hate being stuck sitting in the same chair for 9 hours and not being able to leave. It's just torture knowing I can't leave. Painful!

Wedding thought of the day is about hair! I know what I want to do with my hair, I even found a headband this weekend! (because I am more of a headband than tiara kind of girl, despite my dairy princess days...go ahead, laugh it out) But since I'm growing my hair out, and I have THICK hair, it has gotten to the point that I am dying to chop it all off! 4 1/2 months left, then it will definitely be chopped. But I have to survive a Florida summer with an extra foot of thick, curly hair that I'd much rather be without. This only came up today because it was incredibly humid. I could feel my hair going from wavy to massive mounds of curls in an instant as I walked out my front door this morning, it was just that bad. So we'll see how I tolerate the craziness! It's gotten to about this length, maybe even a little longer, but all one color since I haven't had any moments of boredom lately where I just dye my hair for no reason at all. It gets so much wavier in Florida too, I would actually consider it legit curls these days. So we'll see if I can make it without cutting off atleast a few inches before the wedding day!

Ok, sorry I have nothing more interesting to talk about. Busy busy day! But I'll plan out my day a little better tomorrow to have time to share fun pictures and events!

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