If I were a rich girl...

My dress would be Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Collection. I usually atleast like 80% of the dresses in the Vineyard collection every season that I like and each season, there is atleast 1 I would pick as MY dress. I also love Melissa Sweet. If I had a ton of money and could somehow rationalize spending half of my yearly salary on a wedding dress I wear once, that's where I'd shop.

Loveeeee this dress.  I think this one is my favorite lately.
Love this one too.
and really really love this one too.

Luckily, I have my dress.  And it cost about 5% of what these dresses cost. But I can still look right?


Lauren said...

those dresses are soooo amazing!!! It makes me want to get married all over again! :) Can't wait to see what yours looks like :)

Emily said...

I admit my dress is VERY VERY similar to one of those dresses!