The heat is on...

This weekend's mission: start wedding favors! dun dun dun dun! It's going to be ALOT of work unless I can find some pre-made things, but I might try to add some DIY touches (aka lots and lots and lots of work/time). So we'll see but AC Moore, Walmart, Target, Joann's...they're all on our list this weekend to hopefully get some good prices and start making some awesome wedding favors for everyone! I'll maybe share some sneak peaks along the way as I get things going. I'm really starting to get some projects done now that we're getting so close to the big day!

I'm also looking into decoration ideas. I think this is a super cute way to add some pictures...because honestly who doesn't love pictures?
Photography: Viera Photographics

We'll see what I can come up with in the next few months to make the day super special! I'm also looking for vintage handkerchiefs if anyone knows someone I can get them cheap ;)

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Lauren said...

yay! you got the comment thing fixed! :)

I love looking at wedding stuff - so pretty! :) Wish I had a suggestion for the handkerchiefs, but I don't :(