Our invitations were delivered and we picked them at at the store on Saturday! yay!! Since our last trip to Sassafras Stationary, we made a lot of changes of our original idea for the invitations. We sat down, looked at books and books and more books of invitations. Every invitation was "I like this but not this..." and was kind of frustrating to find just the right one!

On a side note, this was the reason we decided to go to a stationary store as opposed to ordering online, dealing with someone completely through e-mail, or ordering from a book at a bridal store. Everything was close, and nice, but not EXACTLY what we were looking for.

On another note, the lady at the bridal store told me I was a dream and a nightmare all in one because I know exactly what I want. On the plus side, I know what I want, there's no wishy washiness but since I know exactly what I want, it's hard to find it. Or atleast find it in something that is pre-made. So needless to say, invitations were becoming a bit of a nightmare.

Well you know what they offered to do for us? Mesh together 3 invitation designs, all by the same designer, to make it just how we wanted it! To get the ribbon just the right size and in the right place, the paper just the right color, to change the design and eventually come up with the perfect invitation! It sounds a lot more complicated than it was haha It took 2 proofs but the final product came out perfect!

I wish I could tell you more details because I love how they came out! and so does Tom in his manly liking them, but doesn't want to like them too much for fear of seeming too much like a girl. I don't want to ruin the surprise and excitement for everyone when we mail them out! :)

We also got our 3rd wedding invitation for 2010 weddings. It's exciting seeing everyone else's invitations and how much it really does say about a couple. You think it doesn't really matter but every time I see each of the invitations, I think how well that style fits them :) I think that's what makes our invitations perfect too is that it just fits us well. Hopefully the final product of this whole wedding will fit us too and everyone will be able to see how much of us and our style is part of the wedding day :) Can't wait to go back to Sassafras to get programs and menus and other details from them because it was a great experience getting our invitations there!

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