Hold up! Favor making delays! oh no!

Don't you hate it when you buy something, you're all excited to get going on a project, you come home and it doesn't work? Maybe it's just me. We had such a productive day yesterday. We played basketball at the gym for the first time in forever (which I obviously loved). Then we went to about 15 stores...I exaggerate. It was probably only like 6 but it felt like we spent endless hours driving around going from store to store. We even had to stop at Tropical Smoothie to refuel and get some more energy to keep going.

Well we found what we needed. After comparing prices from store to store, I think we got some good deals. We finally made it home many hours later and I was so excited to get started. But the CD to make the labels didn't work! Ughh! seriously?

Today we have to go, return the label making stuff, and start again :( Kind of sad. Needless to say, we got very little wedding things done. But we now have 90% of what we need to make the favors. And we have over 4 months...plenty of time! right? We'll see. But we're a little closer than we were yesterday! I'll keep you posted on the label making debacle and

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