Wedding Cakes!

I'm obsessed with looking at wedding cakes lately. Maybe because that is one detail we don't have figured out yet. Tom's mom is making our cake. A handmade mess? Hardly... Tom's mom is a pastry chef extraordinaire. No joke. She even teaches people how to be an amazing pastry chef too. Lucky for us, that saves some stress. So we just need to figure out some details with her as to the cake, but in the mean time...I'm loving looking.

I totally stole this picture from my friend's facebook. Sorry Christina! :) It's from a wedding in Disney and I think it's great! mostly because...

1. bows? helllooo and

 2. summer 2008 was the summer me and Tom "fell in love" so to speak. I also texted him through the entire movie Wall-E when I went to see it with my roomie. I loved the movie and insisted he go see it. For Christmas that year Tom really wanted to get me the movie, but I'm not known for being patient and I bought it myself a few weeks earlier (I didn't know he was getting it for me for Christmas or I might have waited...maybe). So he had to settle for a Wall-E toy that talked, you could hook it up to your ipod and it danced. It made many appearances at the Department of the Navy HRSC-NE and any of them reading this are probably thinking "Ohhh...that annoying toy!". You all know you loved it deep deep down. :) It now resides on our movie toy shelf in the living room next to a Gone With The Wind (my favorite movie of all time) music box figurine that Tom got me for my birthday one year and a huge transformer toy that Tom's family got him. So we have quite the random collection.

Anyway, love it, had to share. Christina gets all the photo credits for this cake :)

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Anonymous said...

what a funny idea for a cake topper! I love wedding so much