Being productive DURING the week

Who'd have thought that was possible lately? Not I! Work work work is all I do. Granted, it's all banking towards time off later (much much later when this project is, in Tom's limited French vocab, "FINI!"), but it must get done, it must get down now, and 8 hours is simply not enough time to get it all done in. Sigh!
If you know me, you know cows are my favorite animal (oh dairy princess days) so I kinda love this picture :)

But last night I had energy. Crazy thought! I cranked out a short run with the dog (who was going slower than me, for once! haha), chugged a healthy spinach/fruit smoothie, grilled up some fish and veggies, messed around with work stuff for a little while, AND then, as 9pm rolled around, I managed to find some time and energy to do a quick wedding project! Tom was less than enthused (he had PT at 6:30am and then did P90X after work...he was a little tired, sore and a bit of a groucho), but I went on without him. Who needs a fiance for wedding planning? Not I!

Side note: Tom really does help. I swear. Limited help, he's more for the busy work than planning, but yesterday he mailed my wedding dress to my house. It was in Florida, but then I decided I was going to find time in PA to get alterations done, so back it went. Fingers crossed it gets there in one piece! But he's better at those types of projects than creative ones. He makes some decisions. And what decisions he's made, since they are so few and far between, we're going with because if he cared enough about it to decide and tell me exactly what he wanted, I wasn't going to argue with that! He's also mailed the invitations to my house for my mother to address, AND last night, he heard a song on tv, declared that he liked it and wanted it played at our wedding (it was a fun arrangement of Canon in D). What a funny boy he is sometimes :)

So it took some convincing, I had to do all the set up and figure things out, he only had to say 7 words, but laying in bed, he managed to do it and we got our super secret favor project done! yay us! Check one more thing off of that list! We're getting there. Slowly but surely!

Next fun project involves this picture...

Guess you'll have to come to the wedding to find out my plan! ;)

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