To Love Their Husband Tuesday

Another week of love for the fiance :) Even though it was a bit of a struggle this week. Especially because of some work related things for him. He does everything for me though. The other night I work up dying of thirst, woke up Tom and being a total brat asked him to go get me water. Which he did, without complaining one bit or being a brat back like I probably would have been if he had done the same thing to me. I told him the next morning I was sorry, didn't even mean to do that, I was just in a sleepy haze and was so incredibly thirsty for some reason. But he was totally fine with it and didn't mind at all :) he's sweet.

In wedding planning I've gotten really frustrated with him at times over his lack of caring. His lack of energy to fix the cd burner, but then spend 2 hours trying to fix the weed wacker. I let it go this week though. I didn't bug him about it. I knew he has a lot going on with traveling for work so I just let him be and didn't force him to spend his last night at home discussing wedding plans with me. And, because I love him and really do appreciate all he does for me, while he showered and packed, I cooked him a delicious dinner without once asking him to help me or to do anything. He could just do his things and know dinner would be on the table shortly :) We usually tag team dinner...I'll cook the rice, he'll roast up some veggies. There have been times I've gotten home from work late and had dinner on the table without even asking. He always seems to be thinking of ways to help me and I wanted him to know I was thinking of him and how I can help him too.

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Lauren said...

That's so neat that you guys usually cook dinner together!! How sweet!

I have John get up to get me juice in the middle of the night... so don't feel bad about that - don't know about Tom, but John loves doing it! :)