Summer wedding prettiness

I saw this picture today and it made me think of yesterday's post and the beautiful spot. Wouldn't these tables look great under the big Oak tree at Eden Gardens? I think so!

Wedding planning has been tough lately with my work schedule. I want to do more, but I feel like I'm spending all of my free time busy with work, just like earlier in the year when all of my free time was consumed with class. It's made it very hard. I'm starting to feel a little pressure when I just yesterday got some bridesmaid gift things that I had ordered in February. If something I order now takes that long, it would be cutting it close! Any one have no time but so much to do? Or is it just me? We're going to have to cut back on things this weekend and really set aside time to start work on a few projects and make sure everything is atleast ordered so hopefully it'll just be putting things together left to do!

Atleast the oil will not make me sad I'm missing out on a beach day to stay inside and do wedding things :-P

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