I've got a case of the Mondays

Happy Monday everyone! I am soooo not feeling this Monday. Normally, I can muggle through work on a Monday. Skipping last Monday was beyond delightful though and it has made this Monday all the more awful.
So on to something pretty for everyones Mondays...

So I found this picture and I was right here this weekend and thinking what a fun spot for a getaway wedding it would be so I thought I would share!

I found this picture at The Knot for beach weddings. But since clearly you cannot see the beach in this picture, just the beautiful little park, this picture gives you an even better idea of how beautiful this spot is...
Picture from Feel Good Style

Seriously, Rosemary Beach is beautiful! It's a cute little town with shopping, lots of cute cafes and lots of cottages and little apartments or houses for guests to stay. I guess it is a fairly new vacation spot (it was just built around 1995), but definitely a place to look into for people wanting a destination wedding but wanting to keep it in the country. It's not far from Panama City so it's easy to get to as well!

I love finding new fun places here in Northwest Florida. We weren't there for weddings, just to see somewhere new and explore a bit. We actually rented bikes and road about 7 miles West. There are all kinds of vacation towns and beautiful houses along the way. You can just cruise along a bike path. I guess it goes on for about 18 miles but we needed to grab some food and head back before the Florida summer heat killed us. Up tomorrow: another place we went this weekend, that we've already been, and another great location for a wedding in Northwest Florida if you're interested!

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