If I were having a Florida wedding

Which I'm not. Mostly because other than Tom and my grandparents, there isn't really anyone in Florida. And I'm very glad we're having the wedding at my elementary school church and the reception in the Pennsylvania mountains but if I had wanted to have a Florida wedding this is where it would be....

Eden Gardens is actually where we had our engagement pictures taken, and as soon as I saw it, I was in love. It's soo beauitful. Why I'm talking about it again is because we stopped by there on the way home from Rosemary Beach on Sunday. As soon as my mom saw the place she commented on how it'd be a really nice place for a wedding. My thoughts exactly! Northwest Florida brides out there...if you don't know about this place, it's definitely worth looking into! 

Downfalls: It'd have to all be outside or in their little pavilion area. It's Florida so weather would definietly have to be considered. I don't think I could handle a July or August wedding but you true Floridians may think differently. It's also pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Rosemary Beach is about 20 minutes away. Sandestin is about 20 minutes the other direction. The nearest airport is probably closer to an hour away. So maybe not a great destination wedding site, but if you live in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Freeport, Panama City, it'd probably be a doable location.  There are probably a few random hotels nearby, but the big hotels and resorts are all a bit of a drive. I'm not sure about caterers who'd be willing to drive out there either, but I'm sure they have preferred vendors they work with you could talk to the park about.

But still..gorgeous spot. You'd have great pictures, plenty of room for tons of guests, it's a very private and secluded area (it's a state park afterall), so it'd be a great spot! We love it!

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Lauren said...

That would be GORGEOUS!!!! :)