To Love Their Husbands

A "friend" through blogs (and Tom) does this on her blog and I think it's so cute. I look forward to every Tuesday reading her blog to see what she does to show her husband she loves him. So sweet. Tom and her husband, John, went to VMI together. He's friends with them and clicked on her blog one day and I've been hooked ever since. I check daily for updates on their Ethiopian adoption, words of wisdom, or just cute stories about what's going on with life.

So since Tom and I have moved in together (living in sin as Erica calls it), the days can become pretty mundane. At first we were soo excited to be together all the time, every day we did something new, were constantly learning something about each other, and while a lot of the time it is still like that, it's very easy to get sucked into the day to day of work and stress and lose sight of what's really important. So even when work is busy, Tom is TDY a lot, or life is just hectic, I try to make time to show him how much I love him.

This week was a pretty easy way of showing my love for Tom. We've been talking about going to New Orleans for over a year now. We talked about going when I moved down, going before Mardi Gras, going for Mardi Gras...time kept going and we didn't go. So Tom was TDY for 2 weeks at the end of April and I told him when he came back (he was supposed to come back the end of May, but ended up coming hom early!) we were going to New Orleans, no excuses. Because of him coming home early, and possibly having to leave again, I wasn't sure we would be able to go until last week, but I'm so excited my planning worked out and we were able to go to New Orleans! He was very excited, very happy I had made sure we actually went. I booked the hotel, did all the touristy online searching, figured out what we should do and see, AND because I know he hates driving, I drove all the way there and back.

Secret: I love driving. I'll drive all day, all night, where ever to see new things or visit friends. To go to a friend's bridal shower in Virginia I left my house at 5am, drove 5 hours to the shower, stayed there til early evening, and drove all the 5 hours home...and I didn't mind it one bit :)

 On the way back from New Orleans I just drove off the highway on a random road leading East. We had already seen the highway, I wanted to see real Louisiana and Mississippi. Which we did. Which turns out to be not that exciting at all. After not seeing people/houses/gas station for about 30 minutes, I routed the GPS to get us back on track for fear of running out of gas before we found civilization again. But it was a fun little excursion. My logic was as long as we were going East, we'd eventually end up in Florida again, right? Now that I've gotten completely sidetracked...back on to Tom...

We had a great weekend, it was really nice to get away. We spent lots of time together, Tom got to eat lots of the cajun food he loves, and I think he really appreciated me taking the time to plan the trip. :) Check out Lauren's blog to see what other people are doing for their husbands (or fiance's!) this week :)

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Lauren said...

I love it that you linked up! There's another engaged lady who links up occasionally and I love it! :) Sounds like a wonderful trip ... so sweet!! :)