There's a foodie in me

I'm becoming a healthy foodie and taking Tom down with me. He even turned down a hamburger and hot dog at a promotion party today saying "he didn't eat that stuff anymore." Look at him! After our weekend of fried food, we were in desperate need of some greens and healthy food. So last night, after doing insanity (my body aches), I made a ridiculous protein/fruit smoothie. I blame the food blogs I read for these ideas. But when we first tried amazing grass's berry green superfood, we almost threw up. Warning to all: while it's health benefits are plentiful, the taste is less than desirable, especially after a crazy workout. So we thought if we made our normal spinach smoothies that we know taste good, it might "drown out" the bad flavor of the superfood. Fail. Big Fail. It almost tasted worse? Is that even possible? But it was so good for you we couldn't NOT drink it! So plug nose, open mouth and chug! Anyone ever try this and know of some good ways to make it taste better? We have to use it all up before we try something else!

I also made Breakfast Cookies last night for this morning. They turned out ok. I have issues with oatmeal. I want to like it. I've always tried it and tried different ways of eating it, but I take 2 or 3 bites and I'm just done. That much actually fills me up for an hour or 2 so it's not usually a waste, but I just can't manage to eat oatmeal very often. I thought maybe the breakfast cookie would be a different way to help make oatmeal more desirable. But alas, it was another fail. I ate 2 bites and was just done. I forced myself to eat a few more bites so I wouldn't be starving half way though my day by eating about 3 blueberries per small bite of breakfast cookie.

So the diet thing...we're working on it. We tried a few good recipes last week, this week hasn't been quite as successful though. I wish we took pictures of our messes of healthy meals, but the smoothie looked pretty good and fruity...until you smelled it. And the cookie looked delic with goji berries adding some color...but just not up my alley I guess.

My goal is to be high school skinny again...but it's very clear my metabolism is not what it used to be at 16. So I need to watch my diet a little more, work out a little more, and maybe someday I'll be skinny again. Probably not before the wedding since I'm kind of just starting now, but hopefully someday soon!
Italy 2003 with my mom. I don't think 1 leg would fit into that skirt today. Booo :(


Chef Dennis said...

hi Emily
it is a long painful process....my body has overtaken me as well...so many years healthy ....sigh..
I have a picture in front of the tower too!!
Best of luck and very nice to meet you!!

Emily said...

Thanks! Pisa was beautiful! So is all of Italy! One of my favorite places!