Feels like a Monday, but it's really Tuesday!

It was rough waking up today. The day after a long weekend is always brutal. Especially a long weekend vacationing :) I spent Friday night until yesterday afternoon computerless...gasp! It was nice getting a break from computers since I sit at one all day for work sometimes. We hardly even watched tv! Mostly because we spent our long weekend in New Orleans! Neither of us had ever been so we were excited to go. Our weekend pretty much revolved around food :) Which is NOT good for my dieting. I think all my hard work was wasted when our breakfasts consisted of this.

I think we ate every beignet in the city. Ok, I exaggerate. But we did enjoy a morning at Cafe Du Monde and yesterday morning we feasted at Cafe Beignet. Cafe Beignet is in an adorable courtyard on Bourbon Street. We had beignets and cafe au lait while listening to jazz music, sitting outside on a beautiful New Orleans morning. I don't think life gets much better than that :)

We saw a few weddings on Saturday and beautiful brides lucky enough to get married here..

St. Louis is a beautiful church in the heart of the French Quarter. And with beautiful Jackson Square right in front of it, it's a gorgeous spot to get married! I wonder where the receptions were at. The French Quarter has some really nice restuarants and cute spots. I secretly wanted to be a wedding crasher just to see what a New Orleans wedding was like, but I tried to keep my stalking to a minimum and just stood awkwardly across the street with Tom watching all the family and friends getting ready for the ceremony.

We're getting back on track with the diet this week. My body is in desperate need of some vegetables. There will be many a green smoothie. It was worth it to try some new things, see new places and enjoy a wonderful memorial day with my main squeeze ;)

My mom is coming this weekend so this week will also consist of lots of cleaning and preparing wedding stuff to make her think we've been working on it all along...whoops! We're back on track though now! I promise! We're rested up and ready to clean, eat good, and get ready for the big day! Only 123 days to go!!

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